Find Out About Your Choices in Sauna Heaters

You want your sauna to be the best it can be. Sauna heaters come in a variety of styles, models and types. There are basically four types of heaters to choose from: electric, wood burning, gas/propane and infrared. All you have to do is decide which one works best in your particular situation. Wood burning creates an atmosphere similar to that produced by saunas in Finland and works well for outdoor saunas. Electric heaters are the choice for indoor saunas because they can easily be wired into electrical components inside your home. Electricity also is needed for thermostats and timers that accompany the heater. Gas heaters are appropriate for homes equipped with gas and/or propane. And, finally, infrared heaters work well for saunas needing and using extremely hot rocks. Choosing the right kind of heater also depends in the size of your sauna. Pre-fabricated saunas generally come with the appropriate sized heater. Or, you can measure your sauna, submit the dimensions and your sauna dealer will determine the best size for you.

Heaters for saunas were first introduced many, many years ago in Finland when saunas were basically just dug into the ground. Stones were heated underground using a smoky, wood fire. This same method continued when saunas were moved above ground. Over the years heaters have improved and evolved so that electricity, gas and wood heaters infrared are now used more often than wood to heat saunas. All of these heating methods produce a certain kind of dry, wet or steam heat. Today’s heaters still use hot stones in the sauna. Each type of heater has its own unique way to regulate the air temperature after water has been poured over the stones. The heaters transmit heat to your body through several methods including air convection, radiant heat and other circulation techniques.

Sauna heaters can be very basic or quite advanced. Simple heaters are simply mounted on a wall or placed on the floor of your sauna. Less advanced heaters do an okay job of producing the right sauna temperature but sometimes lack in efficiency and the rocks cool down rather quickly. More advanced heaters do a better job of getting and keeping your sauna at the appropriate temperature. They usually have built in temperature controls that kick on when the temperature drops to a certain level. This assures that the stones and the air in your sauna meet your expectations.

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