Foxy Bingo Review

Foxy Bingo is one of the most established brands in online bingo playing, and forms part of the massive Cashcade Ltd group.

Since launching in 2005, Foxy Bingo has consistently performed well and now incorporates more than 40 bingo rooms as well as many ‘instant’ games from slots to scratchcards, but is it any good??

Well, let’s take a look at the site’s plus and minus points…

Let’s begin with the fact that Foxy offers three free bingo rooms; in one, you can win £25 every half an hour, 24 hours a day. In another, you can win £50 every hour from 12:30pm to 1:30am. In the last free room, £100 every hour is on offer from 8pm to midnight.

On the negative side, you have to be online to ‘buy’ these free tickets – the new Autobuy feature isn’t enabled for free games – and of course, each game has hundreds if not thousands of players, so your chances of winning are slim.

I played in Foxy’s free rooms for several days on the run, from around 6am to 10pm and won the sum total of £12.50 – I shared a £25 house – but that said, the vagaries of chance have afforded some players better luck!

Next on the plus side is that Foxy offers generous redeposit bonuses that begin at a regular offer of 50% but often are 100 – 150% or even up to 500%. These special redeposit bonuses are usually emailed to you or advertised on the site.

On the negative side of the finances though, other than special games or big jackpot games, the line, two line and full house prizes tend to be around £30 on average, and often, much less…

Which brings me to another negative point; there are, I believe, too many rooms on offer, which waters down the player pool which in turn, waters down the prize on offer.

However, Foxy also runs regular jackpot games where thousands are on offer, sometimes for as little as a penny a ticket.

And apropos of big money, the site’s foxi mod apk download progressive jackpots are very impressive, often running into several thousand pounds, however, there is no information about how many calls are required to win them…

I tried asking some of the chat hosts about the PJP (progressive jackpots) and some knew how many calls would pay out, others didn’t.

I also couldn’t find any information as to whether the PJP would be automatically awarded or if a player would have to email to claim, and as I didn’t win one – that I know of! – the opportunity to find out didn’t present itself.

Also on offer are games where prizes can be won, such as TVs, holidays, vouchers, a year’s supply of champagne, home makeovers etc., and again, tickets can cost as little as a penny. The most expensive games I’ve seen on Foxy are £1 per ticket.

The site also runs prize draws entirely independent of bingo, and at the time of writing, one such promo is underway. Players who email in with reasons why they want/need driving lessons can win 30 hours worth of them for free.

Also free and fairly regular occurrences are games in the member’s own section where money or bingo points are awarded. Again, players are notified of these free games via email or when they log in.

Another plus point with Foxy is that the system of banking is very straightforward. It’s via Brigend Ltd, and once you’ve registered your card details, all you ever have to do to redeposit if click on banking, fill out your card’s security code and the amount you wish to deposit and away you go.

One downside to the Brigend system though is that you can’t input what amount of deposit you want to make other than round figures…

As you can see from this screen grab, you can only deposit in set amounts, so ‘no can do’ if you want to deposit say, £12.50.

On the plus side though, withdrawing is fast and easy too, and the money is usually in your bank account within a couple of days.

You can earn money by referring a friend too, and once your friend has signed up and deposited, you’ll get a fiver by way of bingo points which are easy to redeem into money you can play with.


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