Horse Racing Tips – Make Money By Betting On The Losing Horse

You might not know it, but you can increase your profits if you put your money on the horse that has the greatest odds of losing a race. Professional punters dub this as “lay betting”. Read more to learn more about this completely reverse form of horse handicapping.

Think In Reverse

When your horse racing tips say that you will not profit on the odds-on favorite, you may want to bet on the horse that is likely to lose the race. This is a complete turn-around because now, you will be handicapping for the worst horses! Your predictions will now be based on a horse’s worst performance, figures, and stats. Also, you will be looking for datos de carrera Americana   that particular horse which tends to run poorly on certain weather conditions and on particular race tracks. Instead of putting your money on the youngest, healthiest, and fastest horse, you will be betting on the oldest and slowest horse among the herd.

Evaluate Race Results

Whether you are handicapping for the likely winner or loser in a horse race, you have to study horse racing forms. You can find these horse racing forms in the race tracks, in newsstands, or on the Internet. On these racing forms are past figures and stats which aids your handicaps. Remember, because you’re lay betting, you will be looking for the slowest among all the horses.

Tell-tale Odds

If you are getting your horse racing tips online, you must be using a system where you can find odds which represent how the horses will likely fare in a particular race. Odds are calculated numbers which yield the probability of a horse’s victory or loss in a particular race. And because you are lay betting, you should look for the horse with the highest odds of losing. Bet on the horse with the million-to-one shot to raise your profits!

Do Not Wish For A Miracle

With your horse racing tips, you already have your money on the horse with the greatest odds of losing. Then a strange thing happened. Instead of losing, your horse won! As a result, you lost more cash than you should have. Other times, the odds-on favorite to finish first loses the race. These strange things happen all the time. That is why you can never really discount the capability of these horses, nor can you never really put too much faith on the horse racing tips that you get. But most of the time, these horse racing tips are fairly accurate. And you can be sure that the odds – be it for winning or losing – tend to reflect the possible outcomes of a horse race.

Making money in horse races does not always have to mean betting on the winning horse. But looking to win on a horse that is predicted to lose is always a calculated risk. You may not be easily swayed by this betting strategy, but it is a good alternative to put more cash into your betting bank.


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