Interview With A Shaman

The word Shaman is derived from the Tungas language of Siberia, for
healers and spiritual leaders in tribal societies. Traditional
shamans induced trance states through drums, dancing, chanting
mantra, meditation and virtually any means by which one might
achieve an altered state of consciousness. While in such a trance,
the shaman crosses over in to another world to get help for his

Recently I had the good fortune to meet a Shaman in person who
invited me in his Studio for a chat about Shamanism. When he was
young, Shaman Siddhartha Malone was always sick and at age 14 he had a massive asthma attack after finding out his mother died of an overdose.He was rushed to the emergency room and was clinically dead for 10 minutes. Siddhartha says this was the most beautiful experience, beyond description.

GN: What is a Shaman?

SM: A Shaman is someone who has passed many life & Death test. A shaman has a deep connection with the forces of
nature like the Sun, ocean, mountains, wind, trees, rocks, volcanoes
and the animal world. A shaman has the ability to heal, sometimes
using magic powers to cure illness & protect people from negative
influences. In an altered state of consciousness, a shaman acts as a
medium between the natural and supernatural worlds to predict the
future, cure illness and protect people from the evil forces.
Essentially a shaman’s goal is to restore balance for the Mind, Body and spirit and connect people to their full potentials.

GN: What is the difference between a Shaman and a Healer?

SM: There are many wonderful healing systems in this world, Reiki, Kiko, chi kung, acupuncture,
hypnosis and the list is very long.
These healers have a special skill in their healing system.
A shaman has various skills that deals with energy, people and
Healers and massage therapists have an important task of healing and
helping people unfortunately many healers and massage therapist get
tired, energy drainage and sick because they are picking up their
clients negative energies.
This is the reason 40% of my clients are healers and massage
I remove the negative energies from them with shamanic cleansing
techniques and this prevents negative energy build up because
Negative energy buildup leads to holes in the Aura ( Energy field)
and immune system weakens then health problems come next.
Energy cleansing is very important for all people especially

GN: Tell me more about the Shaman world.

SM: Our Mother Earth is a living entity. Everything in Nature has a
spirit/life force & each spirit has a specific name, number, color,
aroma, vibration, musical notes. Chants (Mantras) are used by a
shaman to contact the God or Goddess (Female & Male spirits)
When a shaman combines these numbers, colors etc together, it’s like
a telephone number calling the spirit. Each spirit has a specific
specialty or talent to do things.
After my NDE (near death experience) I began to have many
synchronicities (Coincidence experiences and meeting the right
people at the right time.) One day I met my teacher at a health food
store while I was looking for some herbs. Later I underwent a very
difficult test from my teacher by living in a forest sitting in a
hole in the ground for 7 days. No telephone, no lights, no people
around, only bears, snakes, spiders, wolves, coyotes & lots of
insects. I successfully passed that test. My teacher told me 50% of
shaman students do not go past this 7 day test because they become
crazy or get eaten by the animals.
Animals are teachers and guides we call them Power animals or totem
Fear is a powerful teacher,the animals can smell fear and it smells
dinner to the animals.
This test is to graduated from fear and open up to Love for Mother
animals and the universe and Love yourself also is important.
A shaman is trained to deal with strong spirits.

GN: Can you describe what a shaman can do?

SM: A shaman system can vary from culture to culture.
Most shamans ( Genuine Shamans) Are trained in Traveling the the
realms, spirit world and other dimensions.
Another shaman specializes in Herbs for example.
In my case I do spiritual cleansings / blessings for homes, offices
Magic, Spiritual counseling for family
disputes,couples,singles,Teach my
original healing system,
Remove Phobias, Inner child healing, Past life therapy, Chakra
activation,herbs, Shaman readings, Introduce people to their Totems
spirit guides, Loose weight, fitness,depression therapy,Life
management and other services.

GN: How did you 荔枝角通渠 feel as a shaman when you visited Japan?

SM: My stay in Japan was wonderful. Japanese people were very
curious yet very warm to me. I did healing workshops, resolved
family disputes, energy cleansings etc. One of the workshops was
called “An Introduction to Yourself” my Japanese audience got so
comfortable that they took off their society masks and opened up
releasing true feelings and talking about deep secret experiences
they had. It was very touching to see they cried and laughed because
I did not judge them. I am simply a messenger, teacher and a
lifetime student.
Another workshop I did was called “Love yourselves and introduction
to power” Japanese people loved it knowing they all have powers and
I showed them how to awaken the hidden powers, same as a car with
low battery, I gave them an energy boost.

GN: One last question, what does a shaman wants? In a nutshell?

SM: Siddhartha smiled briefly and whispered “May all be fed. May all
be sheltered & may all be loved”


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