LED TV’s – What They Don’t Tell You In The Store!

The LEDs commonly found in LED televisions are most commonly found in three very different forms, We will look at these a little later but is important to grasp a basic understanding of dynamic RGB LEDs, white Edge-LEDs and Full-Array LED’s when evaluating different types of television. After all, these are expensive investments and there is a lot of ‘BS’ flying eclipse tv subscription around!

What most consumers do not realise is that the majority of LED televisions marketed as such are not actually LED TV’s. They are in fact LED back light LCD televisions! OLED, OEL or AMOLED display technologies is hugely different to the domestic televisions currently on offer in the U.K. You may be interested to know that the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) although they do not does not object to the use of the phrase LED TV, they do require the technology to be clarified on any promotional mediums.

Offering multiple benefits over traditional CCFL backlight TVs – remember the big square things your mum and dad used to have? Power consumption is rapidly reduced, offering a rare combination of performance and economy. The picture crispness and quality is amazing and really brings films and programs to life. The next ‘big thing’ in televisions is 3d T.V. Combining the crystal clear display with the old red and green slides to produce next generation viewing and a whole new world of gaming opportunities.

Many people are becoming confused between LED and LCD televisions, and who can blame them? To clear it up once and for all, television sets marketed as LED TVs are actually just LED backlight or sidelight lit LCD televisions!

The technology is actually a hybrid of the two terms. The LG 42-inch Widescreen LED 3D Internet TV with Freeview HD is one of the only models that has back and side lighting. This is also a 3-D tv so the extra LED lighting really helps the images pop out of the screen in 3D mode.

The good news is that despite the slightly sneaky marketing tactics, ‘LED LCD TVs’ offer several benefits over LCD only sets, namely:

1] Improved picture
2] Improved contrast
3] Improved colours
4] Reduced power consumption and running costs
5] Enhanced features – HD, Internet TV, 3D Ready TV
6] Thinner displays


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