The Perils of the Playstation 2 Game System

Are you crazy about video games? Oh, come on don’t be ashamed! Nowadays this is so normal. So many people love to stay lazy at home and play video games all day long. Some even claim that video games are the best entertainment on the Earth. Let me be more specific, guys just love to waste their time playing video games. I admit, there may be women who play video games but I know none of them!

I usually have fun watching how PlayStation 2 game system can control peoples’ lives. This PlayStation 2 game system just absorbs them. Do you know that there are people who make their living in the video game contests? Yes, they earn their money with video games! They play for the big cash prizes. Does it sound strange to you? What is so ridiculous? There people love to play video games. What is better than to make your living out of your hobby? It is all because probably these PlayStation 2 game systems have something addictive!

I believe you know at least one person who has a PlayStation 2 game system. It is just impossible that any of your friends or even you do not have a PlayStation 2 game system. These PlayStation 2 game system can be seen everywhere. They are getting more and more popular each day.

Personally, I am trying not to get in touch with any kind with video games in order not to waste my time. The same goes PlayStation 2 game systems even. I value highly my time. I have no time to give game stop near me  to this PlayStation 2 game system.

However, if you cannot give up playing video games, before you sit think of how much time are you going to play. Don’t you think that the PlayStation 2 game system will take too much time from you? People become addicted with PlayStation 2 game system and they cannot quit playing. They always say, “This is my last game” or “just one more game.” The time they spend in front of the PlayStation 2 game system seem to them like minutes. But it is not. Guys do not realize that while they are pushing and pushing repeatedly these buttons, time flies away.

When I was at college, I worked at a Hollywood Video. Every day, different people were coming in search of new video games. I always asked myself whether they had not something better to entertain themselves. These people were mainly adults. Come on, when you cross the teenage years, can you spend all your time with the PlayStation 2 game system?

I remember a girl who worked with me. She just hated video games! She felt so bad that her 26-year-old boyfriend was playing video games constantly. She guessed that may be he was feeling depressed that he couldn’t find a job. As a result, he was playing video games all day long! He didn’t even want to go anywhere. Oh, yeah, that is my boy!

I admit that video games are entertaining. However, can you spend your entire time with your PlayStation 2 game system? The trick of giving up video games is not to get sucked in ever. You’d better explore the real world outside. I mean the world that is beyond your PlayStation 2 game system.


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